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5 Actions Steps for Christians Following the 2020 Election

by Chris Curry

February 4, 2021

Frustration continues to rank high for many conservatives and Christians following this last election cycle. With so many conflicting messages, people are at a loss for how to proceed in this new reality where the truth is more difficult to identify and discern. We know changes are needed in our election process, but there are many questions about how we can individually affect change. The reality is that the more Christians engage, the more significantly we will impact future outcomes. If guided by God, we can participate in the beginnings of something remarkable over the next couple of years. Here are five areas where we can individually and collectively make a difference:

1. We need to work in our home states to clean up the election process.

Under the Constitution, state legislatures are responsible for developing laws regarding elections. In our republic, officeholders serve under the consent of the governed; that’s us.

Presently, Republicans control most state legislatures, but some need our help to do the right thing. We can work with legislators to rid states of easily manipulated voting systems and then promote in-person paper ballots with stringent photo and signature verification. Regarding absentee ballots, the best practices include signature verification from a notary public.

Finally, we can serve as election judges and encourage laws that require multiple people of different political parties to monitor the counting of every ballot.

2. As Christians, we must know and understand the Bible and what God says on issues.

Perhaps the biggest reason we are in today’s situation is because of biblical illiteracy. We hear about rendering unto Caesar and God accordingly and seem to conclude that we should compartmentalize our faith from culture. Meanwhile, we ignore biblical characters like Moses, Nathan, Daniel, John the Baptist, and Paul, who stood against political figures and counseled them.

Too many Christians subscribe to a religion based more on emotion than the truth, but our God is both emotional and rational. Long-term relationships endure when we know the heart and mind of the other person. Relationships based on emotional infatuation are fleeting. When our emotions and intellects are rooted in deep biblical understanding, our minds will keep things in check when someone presents a counterfeit message. To know the mind of God, we must understand the word of God.

3. We need to engage through our local churches in a winsome and loving manner.

Significant numbers of congregational members do not believe abortion, same-sex marriage, or even homosexual activities are contrary to biblical teaching. And if they do recognize the concern, they don’t want us to talk about those issues.

The problem with this is that when we come to Christ, he changes us; we become more like him. Romans 12:2 tells us, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Too many people are inclined to allow their sympathy for a friend’s struggle with sin to supersede their belief in God’s ability to deliver them from that sin. When we communicate Christ’s redemption without repentance, we do a grave disservice.

In churches, well-meaning people claim “you can’t legislate morality” but fail to acknowledge that every law, from speed limits to murder prohibitions, is rooted in a collective moral code. When confronted with this rationale, they explain that it’s wrong to force the Bible on others but then fail to recognize that our Founders believed our Constitution would only work for a people who first subscribed to biblical truth and its teachings.

When we work with our church leaders and members, we can better help them identify false teachings.

4. We must know our Constitution and the writings of the Founders.

I contend that the second-biggest reason our country is in its present state is because we don’t know what our Founders said and believed. No words crafted by man, used in the birth of a nation, can compare to our Constitution and other founding documents. If we read and study the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and other writings by our Founders, we will conclude they believed in God. We will also understand that most of them had a deep abiding Christian faith.

5. We need to encourage good Christians to run for office, be it school boards, city councils, mayor, county, state, and federal offices.

Then we need to turn out in mass to support them. Maybe you need to run for one of these positions. We must be diligent, though, because many of these elections do not follow the same calendar as Presidential and U.S. Congressional elections.

We didn’t arrive at this point overnight but through the long erosion that occurred while we lazily took our eye off the country and played. If we are to emerge from this, we must be diligent, tenacious, and hold to the truth while being guided by the Holy Spirit. It will not be comfortable; it will not be easy. We will face opposition in areas never suspected.

We need to continue following 2 Chronicles 7:14 as we seek individual and collective forgiveness from God. If our republic is to continue, revival must happen first among those who call on the name of Christ. If Christians genuinely repent and remain faithful to God’s calling and participation in his Great Commission, revival may then spread beyond his church and into a great awakening across this land.

Do not be discouraged. Do not disengage. If breath fills our lungs, God has more work for us to complete that will benefit ours and succeeding generations. We must stand and be counted before God and man as we accomplish the tasks at hand. As Nehemiah sought to do in his day, we have a wall to rebuild, and watchmen are needed to stand guard upon it.

Chris Curry is the Director of Broadcast Relations at Family Research Council.

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