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The Failure of AG Mark Herring to Keep Virginia Students Safe

by Meg Kilgannon

November 1, 2021

Did Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring start a chain of events that led to the eventual rape of a Loudoun County girl in the school bathroom by a gender fluid student and the sexual assault of another girl by the same student? What is the Virginia attorney general doing to keep students safe from sexual assault in schools? Let’s review some facts and find out.

 The lenient Commonwealth’s attorney in Loudoun allowed the perpetrator to return to school. But she chose to prosecute and seek jail time for the father of the victim, who was arrested after liberal activists provoked an altercation in the now infamous June 22 school board meeting. On June 23, Herring’s top priority was advocating for the passage of the so-called Equality Act, which would federally mandate  policies like the ones in question in schools across the country.

In fact, he even put out a statement defending Virginia’s model “transgender” policy, saying on June 27:

Every single child who goes to school in the Commonwealth deserves a positive, safe, nurturing learning environment, without the fear of discrimination or harassment simply because of who they are. We must do all we can to ensure that transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming students feel supported and protected and this model policy gives school divisions the roadmap to doing just that in their schools. I am incredibly proud of the work my team did defending Virginia’s model policy for transgender students and I hope that today’s win shows young people all over the Commonwealth that they will be supported here.

So much for the girls in Virginia’s schools who are worried about their safety and privacy.

Even though parents and others–including five former attorneys general—have called for an investigation into the horrible situation in Loudoun County, Herring—who is up for re-election—has yet to intervene.

Herring filed amicus briefs to stop efforts that would protect women’s sports in Idaho. Additionally, he has done nothing to help Arkansas’ attorney general fight the dangerous trend of children under 18 medically or surgically altering their bodies. Herring has advocated for biological men to have access to women’s shelters. But on the issue of children being raped in Virginia school bathrooms, we hear little.

Herring hasn’t always kept quiet on school policy. He issued an opinion in March of 2015 allowing sexual orientation and gender identity to be added to school nondiscrimination policies in Virginia. This controversial opinion, issued before the Obama administration’s Dear Colleague letter on the same topic, was pivotal in schools across Virginia opening school bathrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex.

The opinion was used in Fairfax County, Virginia in 2015 to justify policy changes that parents knew would place students’ health and safety in jeopardy. Despite parent backlash over the change, the school board pursued or endorsed efforts to elevate gender ideology in school curricula, sex education, and sports.

And very recently, Loudoun County Public Schools have followed suit, adopting a “transgender” policy that places those students and all students in danger. School board members in Loudoun County seem to have hidden information about the bathroom incident in order to pass policy 8040. Teachers are suing the county over the policy. Parents continue to attend meeting after meeting, lining up to voice their concerns to the school board that passed the policy over their objections. Concerns about Critical Race Theory and social and emotional learning are also on parents’ minds.

Despite the efforts of parents and community leaders opposed to the measures taken by the school board, a tragic sexual assault has taken place in a girls’ bathroom at a Loudoun County high school. Yet, no investigation has been launched by Virginia’s attorney general.

Herring’s tenure in Virginia has meant support for open borders and court filings opposing measures designed to protect innocent human life in the womb. The advancement of the LGBTQ agenda is another priority for Herring. Christian conservatives have little to like about Mark Herring’s record as Virginia attorney general. Will Virginia see her way to changing the guard next week? Students across the state are waiting and watching.

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